Monday, October 27, 2008


Bewitching Beauty
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Although I said I would choose my outfit for today last night, I once again did not. As such, I spent this morning wondering what I should wear. A quick look in my closet and I decided on the long pink skirt with the gold trim and a white lacey top with the ribbon. It was quick, it was easy and I left for work.

At work I was told that I looked like a gypsy. Comparisons were made to Esmeralda, the gypsy from the Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I have to admit. If I had to be compared to anyone, Esmeralda was a beautiful character. It's just interesting that keep being compared to the "ethnic" Disney characters. While I was at AT&T I was told that I reminded my coworker of Princess Tiger Lily. In elementary school I was told that I looked like Princess Jasmine.

All of these Disney girls (can't say princess because Esmeralda was definitely not a princes) were beautiful in their own right so I guess I should not complain. I mean it's not like anyone said I looked like the Hunchback. Then I would be upset.


Aquarium of The Pacific

Blue Whale
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I have a confession.

I had lived in Long Beach for over 4 years and I had never visited the Aquarium of the Pacific....

For years, people would say things like " know like at the Aquarium of the Pacific?" and I would say yes and go along with it all like I had been there before. There were a few people who knew that I had never been but to others I maintained this facade of the typical Long Beach resident who has seen all that LBC has to offer and blah blah blah blah.

But I had never gone.

Until yesterday.

First, it was exciting because it was a complete surprise. I had no idea that we would be going to the Aquarium. Once I got over the surprise I was able enjoy looking at the mean sea creatures. Although, I have to admit that many of them looked quite tasty. LoL

There was a section where you were allowed to touch the sting rays and the sharks. At first I was too chicken to touch anything. I mean, seriously, these are the same creatures that killed Steve Irwin (the crocodile hunter) and that guy was tough. After being egged on I finally agreed to touch the big black sting ray. It felt weird, because the ray was slimy but rough at the same time.

All in all it was a fun time. Now I can honestly say I have been to the Aquarium of the Pacific.


Thanks Dude!!

Batman vs. Superman II

I was telling Ruben about the Batman/Superman conversation between Megan and myself. Then our conversation went something like this:

Ruben: If I ask you a question will you promise not to get mad?

Me: Ok (kind of worried)

Ruben: What's kryptonite?

me breathing a sigh of relief

It reminded me of this conversation between Megan, Greg and myself when we discussed that prior conversation:

Me: Well, my sister thought that kryptonite was real.

Megan: That's just too funny.

Greg: Kryptonite is real

Me/Megan: No it's not.

Greg: Yes, it is.

Megan: I'm going to check online.

Me: I think you're thinking of graphite.

Greg: No, it's this dark rock.

Me: That's graphite.

Megan: on Wikipedia Kryptonite is a rock found on the planet Krypton in the Superman Universe.

Me: I told you. You're thinking of graphite. That's what they use to make pencils instead of lead.

(sigh)Good times!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

There are Times....

when God hears your prayers and answers them in a time that is not in accordance with what you want. Then there are times when God answers your prayer quickly. I praise Him for both but in the time of quick answers, it makes me realize how exquisite it is to have a God who can hear the cries of your heart and assauge your worries and fears.

Man may break your heart but God is always there. I have been reminded of this often in the past weeks. He will give you the strength to walk through the pain and stress of the day to day.

For this and so much more, I am thankful!

~Posted From My BlackJack II


I feel really anxious for some reason and I don't know why. Most of today was spent sleeping and now I cannot get to sleep.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.

~Posted From My BlackJack II

Friday, October 24, 2008

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 02
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So, it's all been decided and the Art Center has its departmental theme for Halloween. I'm going along with everything as it all sounds like a lot of fun. This the first time I have ever dressed up for work and only the 2nd time I've ever dressed up for Halloween.

As a child I never celebrated Halloween. I was brought up knowing the pagan origins of the holiday and as such attended several church sponsored Halloween alternatives. Now as an adult, I feel conflicted as I know that most people use this day as a means of dress up and fun, but there are still the spiritual implications of the day.

Despite all this I had agreed to participate in the work event. If it was not for this scheduled competition I would not have even considered buying a costume for this day. I will not be attending any parties and thus have no reason to dress up. When originally planning the theme for our department, I had suggested Super Heroes. With this theme I would dress up as Wonder Woman.

This morning we had a departmental meeting to discuss the theme. The Super Hero theme was dropped in favor of something else.

It does make me a little sad because I started looking forwards to dressing up as Wonder Woman. There are many times when I wish I could be a super hero. As a super hero I would be able to solve all the problems of the people that I care about. My friends my family, myself.

I know that dressing up as Wonder Woman would not magically give me super powers, but it would have been nice. A part of me could have pretended that this was the case.

However, I'll go along with the agreed plan. Not as great as super heroes, but it should be fine.



If nothing else theres a positive to all the waiting. That "new car smell" is being extended. I feel happy when I get a text message and excited when the phone rings. The thought of tomorrow (or rather later today) and I feel butterflies in my stomach.

True it works both ways. I get a little worried when I'm not contacted. Then there's relief when the promised phone call comes.

I hear the words and I melt and I'm giddy and it's almost like being in school, or in one of those extremely cheesy chick flicks that I hated. Little things and I'm hopeful like now. Because it's been awhile since certain requests have been made and I have no problem doing them.

This may seem so convoluted but I'm intentionally vague. The important thing is that right now I'm all smiles.

~Posted From My BlackJack II

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Batman/Superman Convo aka Why Batman is Not That Great of A Super Hero

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This is a conversation that took place between my coworker and I yesterday:

Me: Batman is not that great of a superhero. He has no super powers.

Megan: Well, Ironman has no super powers.

Me:They both have the same things. Money and access to technology. And they're both smart.

Megan stares at me blankly

Megan: And? I don't see the problem with that.

Me: I didn't say there was anything wrong with it. I just said they were not great super heroes. Why are you defending Batman? You prefer Superman!

Megan: Yeah but I still like Batman.

Me:Its a wonder that Batman is even still alive. I mean atleast Ironman has that big suit to protect him. Throw Batman around and he's dead.

Megan: Well, a tiny piece of Kryptonite can strip Superman of his powers.

Me: It's not easy to get Kryptonite!! It takes some serious planning to get some Kryptonite.

VP: You're absolutely right!! It's not easy to get Kryptonite.

Yeah, that person agreeing with me at the end was one of the company vice presidents. He was walking by when he heard the last 2 lines of our conversation and he actually made a u-turn and told us that I was right. It was funny because he's like this older respectable guy and he actually came back to us to throw in his 2 cents about Superman.

I guess everyone has their opinions about super heroes!


Driving Me Mad: Part 1

I left my apartment at the same time that I usually do every weekday morning. However, I was late by a whole 4 minutes. 4 minutes may not seem like a lot but because of the time clock system that we have, 4 minutes means .25 hours off your paycheck.

In any case there were all these people on the road, who do not know how to drive and they were the reason I was late. It's people like them that make me long for better public transportation. Then I could just sit back and read Blackwood Farm instead of trying to get to work on time.

Here I have compiled a list of some of my biggest driving annoyances:

Imaginary Stop Signs

Residential neighborhoods have stop signs at intersections sometimes there are 2 way stops, sometimes there are 4. I hate when there are NO stop signs and yet a driver stops and waits as if something is suppose to happen! THERE IS NO STOP SIGN KEEP MOVING.

Multiple Lane Drivers

There are these dashes on the road. They seperate lanes. You are only to drive in one lane at a time. I hate it when some decide to straddle the lanes. Honestly, if you can't figure out that you are suppose to be IN BETWEEN THE LINES how did you get your driver's license?

Another thing that some drivers like to do is to sloooooowly change lanes. By doing this they end up sitting in 2 lanes. Again ONE LANE PER CAR!

Chronic Braker

Just becasue a leaf falls does not mean you have to hit your brakes. You cannot drive around raindrops, or the fog. Ease off the brake!

Create My Own Kids Zone

I pass 2 school zones on my way to work. One is right by my apartment and the other is on 7th street. There are areas where parents can drop off their kids and go on their merry ways. Sometimes there are long lines to drop off your kids. That's sad. However, that does not mean you have the right to stop in the middle of the street and let your kids out. Now you're holding up traffic for all us regular people trying to get to work!

Cut Off and Slow Down

So I'm driving along and someone decides to cut me off. Fine. There's nothing I can do. You've already cut me off. But when someone cuts me off and then slams their brakes and proceed to drive slow....they have issues! If you wanted to drive slow then don't cut me off!!!

Just thinking about these is making me angry. Be on the look out for Part 2!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Blast From The Past (PLOD)

My sister started looking through some of her old pictures and talking about how much fun she had in college. I decided to log in to one of my old photbucket accounts and I found enough pictures to take a brief jog down memory lane myself.

This picture is from the last staf retreat I attended with the MultiCultural Center. Our group "PLOD" (The initials from our first names:Phoebe & Patti, Lui, Oscar and Don) were in charge of cooking breakfast on this particular day. Lui is not in the picture.

This picture is from the Cinco de Mayo event that Oscar planned during our last year. I look not so happy because at this time I was going through so much drama with work, school and my friendships. Nobody said that every memory had to be a good one.

Oh yeah, and it was one of those weird days where it actually rained in SoCal. Thus the sweatshirts in May.

The Asian Pacific Islander Caucus at NCORE (National Coalition for Race and Ethnicity in higher education) Here is the reason why I was not feeling like going out for dinner, even though we were in New York. This picture was taken after our 3 hour meeting!

NCORE wasn't all work. I did manage to go souvenir shopping while in New York.

This monkey is still hanging around the back of my bedroom door.

The last time I saw Amanda, we were in Hollywood next to David Bowie's star!

Happy times with the roommates.

I know I'm not in this picture but someone had to hold the camera!

This concludes my jog through memory lane. Wasn't it so nostalgic?


Monday, October 20, 2008

So It's Not...

It's not back to the way it use to be. Although I have to admit, it's not bad. It's really confusing.

~Posted From My BlackJack II

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Current Obsession

Diet Caffenine Free Sodas!

This one was Sierra Mist Free Cranberry Splash. I also bought Diet Mountain Dew & Diet Sierra Mist (the regular one) All of this started because I like Sprite Zero but have a hard time finding it. However, I tried Diet Mountain Dew and it tasted ok.

Whats the point of caffenine free, sugar free soda? Soda taste/feel with no calories!

~Posted From My BlackJack II

Acapulco: All The Food I Couldn't Eat

The Combo Ultimo:
1) 1 Tamale
2) 1 Chili Relleno
3) 1 Enchilada
4) 1 Beef Taco
5) Rice
6) Beans

I took 2 bites and took the rest to go. That was way too much food!

~Posted From My BlackJack II

Friday, October 17, 2008


Lately I have not been writing so much on my blogs, but I have been playing catch up with my journal. As I think back on the events in my life this past summer, I came to a realization... there is a particular friend I miss hanging out with and seeing. It's been awhile since I've last talked to her, and I honestly do not know why. However, I miss her.

Hash browns and hot chocolate from Denny's just isn't the same.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Could It Be???

That things are back to the way they were more than a week ago? I'm happy but scared at the same time. I mean what if I'm wrong? What if I just misinterpreted those messages? I'm going to have to ask for clarification and thats kind of scary. But I'll leave it for tomorrow. Is it any wonder why I can't sleep?

~Posted From My BlackJack II

Monday, October 13, 2008

One of Those Days

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It's one of those days where time just does not seem to be moving fast enough. Sitting at my desk, it seems like everytime I look at the clock only a minute has passed when it feels like it has been an eternity.

The building is cold...again. My hands are freezing and it does not help that I feel like taking a nap. The morning went by quickly enough, but now time is just hobbling along.

I have done everything that I need to do for the moment. Everytime a completed ad hits my desk, I have it marked complete, pointed, and filed. As such, there are no messy piles for me to sort through or any work that I have been putting off.

Time is just moving too slowly.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


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My original plan was to take a brief hiatus from the blogging world. There's just so much going on in my life that I felt that the need to take some time to keep my thoughts to myself. However, after hearing some sad news not too long ago, I felt compelled to write.

The sad news was that a family friend had passed away. It was expected that his time with us would be ending soon, but it really has me thinking.

Some of us will never be so blessed; to live a long life and leave this world succombing to old age. We never know when our time is up here.

As I thought of this I also realized that people can leave us for different reasons. Although, death may be the biggest goodbye, there are other situations that may result in a person no longer being a part of our lives. I have had to say my share of goodbyes, and I've learned that saying them often does not make saying them any easier.

What it really boils down to is to cherish every moment you have to spend with those who mean the most to you. Whether its something big like family reunions or something small like watching Charlie and The Chocolate Factory or going to Del Taco. You never know if that moment will be your last with that person. You never know when the situation will change. You never know when you have to say goodbye.


Sometimes This is What Love Feels Like....


Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Equivalent of Breathing

write me a letter...
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"For me writing is like breathing,...I could not live without breathing and I could not live without writing."

-Pablo Neruda

This quote pretty much sums it up.


Vividly Blind

There are times when lightning stikes and a great idea is born.

Vividly Blind was not one of those times.

Having a love for writing I always found myself scribbling my thoughts, creating scenarios and developing plots for various tales of ficton. I found various outlets to release my creativity, one such manifestation being this blog.

Yet, I always felt I should be doing more with my writing. It is nice to be able to prattle on about the daily activities in my life, but I must admit the entries that mean the most to me are the ones that allow me to branch out into areas that are a little less self-absorbed.

Couple my longing to do more with my writing and the simmering desire to write more and Vividly Blind was born.

Vividly Blind is a new blog I created that features articles focused on tough issues going on in the world. Its a voice for those who have no voice and a light into the darkest corners of humanity. I will attempt to bring up all that we would at times prefer to keep hidden.

The reason behind the name Vividly Blind is that the topics I'll focus on are so obviously around us that they are vivid and clear to see. Yet, we chose to turn a blind eye due to fear, ignorance, or just plain self-involvement.

My hope is that anyone who comes to this blog will leave with a small grain of understanding of issues that are normally ignored, or at the very least a slight desire to refuse to stay blind to the plight of those around us.

Visit Vividly Blind at