Monday, March 8, 2010

The Day After...Academy Awards

Today is Monday, and like most normal working people, I seriously despise Mondays. Just when one has settled into the non-working rhythm of the weekend BAM!

Here comes Monday...

In short I'm not at my very best on Monday. There's work that's waiting thanks to all those workaholics who worked over the weekend and all those early risers on the East coast who flooded my inbox before I came into the office. Then to add to all this begins the questions...

"Did you watch the Academy Awards?"

No, I did not watch the Academy Awards. Now before you start to wonder if I'm a freak of nature or something to that effect, hear me out.

I like watching movies, but only certain movies. For some reason, I do not have the attention span to sit through most movies. Fast movement, explosions, monsters that may jump out and demons that combat the armies of God, that gets me through a movie. Even then, there are instances when I find myself checking my watch. Musical numbers help, as do bright colors, anything in 3D and re-makes. If the characters are a blast from the past (See Star Trek, and yes I will be watching The A-Team) that helps keep my interest as well.

So no I have not seen The Hurt Locker (I heard there are explosions but I grew up a military kid and war movies just do not do it for me) or Crazy Heart but I did see Transformers 2 which I understand did not win anything at the awards show. Am I surprised? Not really. I did see Avatar (see above regarding explosions and bright colors AND 3D) however, I have read that the only awards it received was for it's explosions, bright colors and the like so I'm not completely off here.

As such I did not watch the show and I do not have any pressing thoughts about the winners. Thats not to say that anyone who did watch it and loved it are wrong. Just do not be upset with me when I cannot compare notes about who wore what and who said what to whom the day after.