Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 3 of Dukan and Friday Morning Weigh-In

According to the book and the blogs of other people on this diet by day three it gets much easier.

They were right.

Day 3 for me was a definite test as it was my longest day at school. Because I have class until 10pm, the only source of sustenance after 8pm is the vending machine. At the student union I found that almost all the restaurants were closed early because of Unity Fest. Do not get me wrong, this is a great thing. I love and support Unity Fest as I spent 3 years of my life working on that event. However, for those of us who arrived on campus with very little time there was not many options for a meal. Before I get to my final decision let me start with the beginning of the day.

Breakfast: 2 Boiled eggs and some yogurt with black coffee

Lunch: 2 patties of Morning Star However, I did not eat the whole patties. I ate about half of each. I left the patties in the microwave for too long and they were so hard the plastic fork snapped in half and broke my finger. I took that as a sign that I should give up on the patties.

Snack: Slices of turkey

Evening Snack: Piece of skinless chicken

Another Snack of boiled eggs with the yolks thrown away

Dinner: Scrambled egg whites & grilled skillet steak with yogurt and oat bran or dessert.

I went to Ralphs to buy the meat and eggs for dinner and for the first time I did not feel tempted by any of the sweets or fruit or other pre-packaged foods that would have been easier than cooking but not allowed on the diet. I went straight to the meat section and headed over to Ruben's since my sister hates the smell of eggs cooking.

So I succeeded in keeping my diet for the day! Thanks to so much water.

I drank more than 2 liters of water (no joke)

This morning I did my weigh-in.

Today, I lost .4lbs. That brings my grand total to 1.7lbs in 3 days.

I hope to continue the trend. When I entered my information on the Dukan site, I found that I should reach my goal weight in August. At this rate, I really think I might make it.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 2 Dukan & 3rd Weigh-In

As I stated in a previous post, Day 2 was hard because of the luncheon with food that was not Dukan friendly. I did receive encouraging comments from people who noticed I did not partake in the plethora of candy that was distributed, gelato, or the lasagna. To add insult to injury, the company had their monthly cake for all birthdays in the month of April.

I went to the gym instead.

After work I realized that if I saw chicken one more time I would throw up

and so I headed to Trader Joe's and bought lean pork cutlets, more yogurt and some nonfat frozen yogurt. After eating a few spoons of the frozen yogurt I realized that it was non-dairy and as such not allowed on Dukan (unless you're a vegetarian or lactose intolerant. I don't do lactose but I can do nonfat dairy)

That was the end of the yummy frozen yogurt.

I had also purcahsed a container of 100% egg whites. So for dinner I had pork and scrambled eggs. It was yummy and what made it even better was knowing that in enjoying this meal I still stuck to my diet. Plus I was incredibly full. Whenever I wanted a snack I stuck to non-fat yogurt.

Later that night I did have an unbelievable hankering for chocholate. I put the blame fully on my boyfriend because he left all these funsize three musketeers bars out. After going back and forth for a bit, i decided to have a very small bite of the candy. I did and I enjoyed the little bit of chocolate.

Never thought a little sliver of choclate would make me so happy, but it did. And after that bit I was done.

Woke up this morning scared to do my weigh-in. all I could think about was the following:

1) The Quaker Oats I was using for the first two days was not the same as the oat bran that I was suppose to be having.

2) The frozen sorbet that was a non-no.

3) That sliver of chocolate.

I got myself together and got on the scale...

Today I lost 1 lb :)

Many happy dances follow that realization. I am determined to stick to the diet through today and this will be a test of will because I have class until 10pm tonight so we'll see how this goes.

Still happy dancing.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sick of Chicken

I'm really tired of chicken. That is all.


Sick of Chicken

I'm really tired of chicken. That is all.


Morning Weigh In, Dukan & Admin Professionals Day

This morning I weighed myself with the same scale I used to weigh my self at the start of this diet. I have to weigh myself every day and keep track of any changes. Although I will not be sharing the starting number I will be tracking the amount of weight gain and weight loss.

Today I have lost .3 lbs.

I know that's not alot but its better than gaining. I am hoping that tomorrow will show even bigger results.

Today has not been easy but I have been sticking with the program so far. In celbration of Administrative Professionals day there was a luncheon held for all Admin. The menu consisted of pasta, spinich salad, gelato etc. Read: nothing Phoebe can eat. This could have spelt disaster for me but I ate before the luncheon. Vanilla Greek nonfat yogurt with my allowed oat bran, 1 boiled egg and some water. Once I was in the luncheon I heated up a salmon fillet and had that while everyone ate lasagna.

Back at my desk and food was released from another meeting. Grilled chicken. Another day of chicken but I'm not complaining. I have been sticking to the plan and I'm not even hungry which has always been my greatest concern when it comes to diets.

More of an update to come...


Day 1 of The Dukan Diet (also named) Chicken, Chicken, More Chicken and Some Yogurt

One of my goals has been to lose enough weight so that I look good in a swimsuit come my Hawaii trip.

Not sure if that's going to happen.

Another goal of mine is to fit into my favorite pair of jeans.

I think I blogged about that before.

In any case, as I stated in a previous blog I have been working out every weekday during my lunch break. At least 30 mins on the bike and if I have time then some other activity like 10 mins on the treadmill or some free weights. Lately, I have been sticking to sets of sit-ups and pushups. After my first day in the gym I was in so much pain, it was agony. I even started a blog entry that went like this:

"I am going to die and I do not mean that in a deeply metaphorical sense. I mean that I literally feel like I am about to die...

And what did my fat@$$ do after working out to the point where death was a sweat drop away? I went to Olive Garden. Talk about counter-productive.

So there has not been any more of that...on a regular basis anyways. I have been watching what I eat, no burgers, stayed clear of too much sodas and no big Easter meal either. Working out every day and there have been minor victories (see Happy Dance entry below) However, there has been no earth-shattering weight loss.

Yesterday, I was searching for something to read on my nook and I came across this book called the Dukan Diet. According to the reviews, participants claimed to have lost 5 lbs in the first 5 days of the diet. This seemed too good to be true. A search of various reviews showed many sites deducing that this diet was a fad and most of the weight loss, water weight. There were other sites that claimed celebrities like J.Lo and others used this diet to lose the baby weight that most of us regular people would not have noticed unless we had a magnifying glass. What made me decide to give it a try was this guy named Marshall Brain.

Marshall is this guy who writes on a site called how it works. I do not follow his blogs or that site. However, when I did a search of how the Dukan Diet works I found his blog. Reading Marshall's entries made me feel like this might actually be a diet that I could do. Not to mention Marshall listed the amount of weight he lost every day and it was pretty amazing. Sure losing .3 pounds a day may not seem great but when the total is 6.6 pounds in 5 days that is definitely something to get excited about. After reading Marshall's blog, which you can view here, I purchased the Dukan Diet on my nook (oh the joys of an e-reader) and began reading what I would have to do for my first day. There is a lot of detailed explanation as to why the elements of the diet are as such but that was not very important to me. I just wanted to know what to do to lose 6.6 pounds in 5 days.

I should probably explain the rules of the Dukan Diet. There are several phases to the diet which I will explain as I reach that phase. The first phase is called the Attack phase. This phase is to kick start the body into weight loss mode encouraging the participant with fast results and jump starting the metabolism. This phase lasts anywhere between 3-10 10 days with the average time frame being 5 days. In this phase, the individual cannot eat anything that is not one of the designated categories of food. A quick summation says this: lean protein, fish, chicken, nonfat dairy products, lots of water, 1 1/2 tablespoons of oat bran and 20 minutes of walking. I cannot reveal all the details, some people will just have to buy the book. Should anyone decide to try this diet I strongly recommend buying the book because there is a lot of details on why you can eat this and why you cannot eat that, but returning to the task at hand...

Yes, that is correct that is all one may eat during the first phase. No fruit, no veggies, no carbs, no sugar, no sweets. However, you can have any of the foods in the categories listed and as much as you desire. Diet soda, coffee, and tea are all approved.

During my first day I had to run to the store because I did not have the necessary food. This meant I skipped breakfast which is a big no, no on this diet. Going to a grocery store when you're hungry is bad. Going to a grocery store when you're on a diet is horrible. Going to a grocery store when you fit all the descriptions above and you cannot eat anything except protein is unbearable. Everywhere I turned I was staring at something delicious and I wanted it. Grapes, chocolate, cookies, cheese, it all looked so appetizing and I knew I could have none of it. I bought a container of nonfat vanilla yogurt and a smaller container of nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt and headed to Fresh and Easy. There I was not as tempted and I purchased this ready to eat chicken, sandwich meat, and mustard.

Once I returned to work I heated up the chicken and had that with a diet Dr. Pepper. I also opened the bottle of 1.58Qts of water. When I finished the chicken I had some of the nonfat Greek yogurt to feel full. Throughout the work day I drank as much of the water as I could. After working out I felt starved and so I had some more of the Greek yogurt.

That evening I went to Ruben's to visit. I had offered to make dinner and so I cooked sautéed chicken and spinach with low carb tortillas. Ruben loved it! I had just chicken. I was getting pretty sick of chicken and I wanted to jack Ruben for a tortilla. However, I was good and stuck with the chicken.

Ruben and I then went to Target so I can get some more things so that I could be prepared for day 2 of the diet. There I spent some time trying to figure out if nonfat ice cream constitutes as a nonfat dairy item. In order to be on the safe side I picket out another small container of nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt whilst my boyfriend picked out a much larger container of mango sorbet (glaring look)

I then spent the rest of my time in the store trying to figure out what exactly is oat bran. According to a website I found, oat bran may be similar (if not the same thing) to Quaker oats. Since the store was closing I settled on Quaker oats and grabbed a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper. Once I got back to Ruben's I ate the Greek yogurt with the 1 1/2 tablespoons of oats. It was really good to me. (I like yogurt and cannot believe I can eat as much of it as I want) It almost made me forget about Ruben and his sorbet. Almost. (Another glaring look)

So that was my first day. Although it got off to a rocky start and I felt like I would turn into a chicken I managed to stick to the plan with no cheating. I just finished boiling eggs for breakfast tomorrow. I will be weighing myself every day so every 10th of a pound helps.

I am already getting sick of chicken.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Dance

I went to work wearing a dress yesterday which meant I weant to school wearing a dress. This was fine until I left the library and it was freezing!

Hoodies were on sale at the bookstore but they were in weird colors. Did I want a purple sweatshirt or a yellow sweatshirt?  It was like Dominguez was rooting for the  Lakers (maybe that's why they were on sale.) In any case I grabbed a purple hoodie in a size medium. That's the size of all my school sweatshirts. I then started having second thoughts about the color so I tried it on in front of a mirror.

A medium was HUGE on me! I grabbed a small and it was still pretty big but fit much better than the medium.

There's obvious reasons why this makes me happy but what most people don't know is that I have been working my butt off to lose this weight. I go to the gym during my lunch hour EVERY DAY. This week marks week 4 of me being in the gym. I step on the scale and it says I have lost one pound.

Yes, that's right. One pound.

I can drink diet tea and lose more than 1 pound. So to see a difference in clothing size makes it worth it.

Though I have to say, scales lie.

...and for those wondering I bought the yellow hoodie.


Monday, April 25, 2011


Keep coming to me. This is great.

Hope I can share more soon....

Writing & Working

CURRENTLY PLAYING: B.B King - Mean Old World

This month I had set up a challenge for myself to write everyday. I think I can honestly say I stick to that goal. However, I did not always write something creative. I've gotten behind in my blogging and such but I have caught up big time in school. Although, I still have a ways to go. 3 more weeks and this semester id over.

I think I will definitely be doing a happy dance.


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Friday, April 1, 2011

Ska Under the Sea

For everyone who says theres always the same thing at Disney.

April Commitment

5 pages thus far. I'm shooting for a minimum of 10 a day.

Writing Wrant

Yes, the extra W was intentional.

I'm sitting on my break reading Danielle Steel's blog (not a huge fan but I have much respect for her work) and eating chips and salsa. There's an entry that was posted on twitter regarding Ms. Steel's advice to those of us who also write. She talks about planting your butt in your seat and doing it. She also wrote of there never being a "right" time and how hard she worked to be the success that she is today.

I feel a little guilty because at this moment I should be writing and not just surfing the net and eating chips. My recent argument has been that I have been trying to de-stress as I am currently on Spring Break. However, that really is not much of an excuse. There will be plenty of time for extra de-stressing later. Right now my "de-stressing" should be me engulfed my writing. I currently have 3 projects that I had been working on and off for some time: a collection of short stories, a novel entitled Rockstar Ambition and a potential novel/novella Arc

Rockstar Ambition was probably the closest to completion, but my heart is gone from that story. I think it's because the characters were so close to me that I would like to remember them in their earlier forms. They were loosely based on people that I knew who are no longer part of my life and revisiting that novel brings an inexplicable sadness.

That being said there is no excuse for me not having completed at least the short story collection. I had such fire when I began that project and the stories were pouring out, but every day I would push myself to write something.

So here I go. Since this is the beginning of the month, a new chance to begin with the weight loss, a new chance to begin doing anything and everything. I am going to begin ensuring that I write something every day. Preferably a portion of a bigger project, however, even a blog entry will suffice as long as it consists of more than 2 paragraphs. By the end of this month I should have at least one project completed and ready to shop around.

Hoping for the Best...


Techie Titan

Its 1:26 in the morning and what am I doing? Testing my new phone.

I am such a techie.

I really didn't think I would like this phone anywhere nearly as much as I like my iphone. However, this phone has me pleasantly surprised. I mean this swype thing is pretty cool once you get use to it.

So even though it's so late and I should be sleeping, I'm looking for apps to download.

I guess this is better than being kidnapped by some dude on Craigslist.