Wednesday, October 19, 2011

iOS5 & BlogPress

After updating my iPad to the new iOS5, everything has been running pretty smoothly (after the initial crash)

Until today.

After working on a blog entry with a review of Knotts Scary Farm, I tried to publish my post.

The Blog Press App crashed.

Every time I tried to open the app it would crash.

I researched the app and learned Info Thinker, Inc (who sells the app) has acknowledged that the app is unstable when running on the iOS5 operating system. They claim to have an update that is being reviewed by Apple. Very informative but that does not help me much right now.

Here's hoping my blog entry will be saved as a draft once the update is available. Otherwise I will have to re-write the entry.

I am not a happy camper.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Update to My Update

My iPad has Japanese characters.

I guess I should just be happy it turns on now.

...more to come...


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This is Not Good

All day I have been trying to update my iPad. Even at work, I set up my laptop, turned on my wifi, and plugged in the iPad. With out my internet charger, my update attempts were thwarted when the battery on my personal hotspot died.

I tried again at the boyfriend's house before we left for Disney. Plugged in the Internet, plugged in the laptop and connected the iPad. When I returned from Disney (5 hours later) it was apparent that the computer froze.

So I started again. Twice now I have received messages that inform me "everything on this iPad will be deleted." The first time I saw this message I hit cancel with a quickness. When I encountered the message again I pressed ok and hoped for the best.

My iPad now looks like this:

The problem with this is that the iPad is plugged into iTunes.

This does not look good....


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Monday, October 17, 2011


I woke up this morning missing my friends from my "old job." There was a time when my job was crushing but my friends were there to help me cling to my sanity. We would commiserate about work and talk about life and always made time to laugh at our situation when we really wanted to cry.

I have not worked there in over 2 years but I do stay in touch with some of these friends especially the remnant at that job.

However, sometimes I wish I could spend the day with them like I did at that time.

If any of you are reading this, know that you are missed.


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Drats! Drafts!

I tried to go back to a blog that I had started earlier in the day and I found the draft folder filled with several blog entries that I had begun and never finished. Over 40 drafts begun and later abandoned. At some point I felt each of these entries were warranted, otherwise they would not exist. This bothered me to a certain extent. All these entries that never saw the light of day.

...until now.

I have decided that I will try to complete these drafts and post them to my blog. Prior to each entry I will give the date the entry was started and any introductory information that may be needed.

Here's hoping each of you will enjoy my entries of yesterday.


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