Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Change In Pace

Work was rather slow today. So instead of falling asleep I decided to do some career research. Lately I have been bouncing around the idea of maybe going back to the business thing. So I began to investigate what steps would be necessary to walk in that direction.

At first some things looked promising. The business experience, the requirement for a strong and stable work history, and so on. However, then things began to look a little discoraging as begining jobs required employees to not have a second job and very little starting pay.

This whole get a career thing is stressful. I mean its what thing to have a job, but its quite another thing to have a career. They didn't tell us about all this when we were in grade school. All they told us was to stay in school and to say no to drugs and always do the right thing. But when looking at some of the most successful people, we see that school is not always necessary and (Bill Gates:College Dropout) drugs do not neccessarily mean instant failure (Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World & Lewis Carroll wrote Into The Looking Glass- Both drug users. ) and that doing the right thing is a matter of opinon (Enron ) and may not neccesarrily mean the end of your success (Martha Stewart)

I'm not saying those were the wrong lessons to be taught. I'm just saying that it would have been more helpful if there was more real world advice and tips and a roadmap. Want to be a doctor? Do step 1-10. But instead we're fed this blanket map of basic stay in school blah blah

More later. I have to go. Defintely look for entry part 2!!


Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Time Is Coming.....

I have been searching for that magic that I spoke of a couple of blogs ago, but things just keeping coming up that have been dragging me down. Theres the issues with stuff going on in SD and the who drivers license situation. Not to mention that my heater blew up this weekend (the one I just bought a week ago. I'm not exaggerating. I mean yeah, it didn't explode, but there were sparks and there was fire and it was not good and the heater is now kaput and I threw away the receipt so there is no way that I can go and return it.

With all that, theres also the issue of a certain medial ailment that has once again returned. Thanks apparently to my weakened immune system and the antibiotics that I took for my ear infection.

Yet, despite all this I am still trying. Trying to enjoy the holidays before I turn around and and Christmas time has slipped through my fingers without me having the chance to enjoy it. There was like this shock that hit me yesterday, when I was flipping through the channels and someone said something along the lines of only 9 more days to Christmas. You have to be kidding me? 9 more days??? I have only begun to do my Christmas shopping. I mean I haven't even been able to do like the heavy duty shopping. Most of the things I have bought are so small they could probably fit in a stocking or something. And it doesnt help that if theres only 9 more days (well, 8 now) till Christmas then there is only 2 or 3 more days till my mom's birthday. ARGH!!!!!!

Like I said before, I really am trying. When it hit me that Christmas time was almost here I started working on my Christmas cards. Afterall, I have to get those all out by like tomorrow so that I can have them all received by Christmas Day or sooner. So, if I texted you for your address you better respond or you're going to end up receiving your card next year.

This is how I hope to be sometime soon. Gotta go for now!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Apple Crisp & Steak

Here's a short little post for all you crazy kids :)

Christina and I went to Dennys some time ago and this is how our meal went.

Christina was excited because she saw the apple crisp.

It looked Yummy!

Then her food came.

This is what the apple crisp actually looked like.

It was not that Yummy.

Yes, that white liquid stuff all over it might have been ice-cream at some point.

I was kinda worried.

I had ordered a cheap steak.

I thought it might end up like Christina's apple crisp.

Then my food came.

It was Yummy!

The End. (LOL)


Monday, December 10, 2007

Black Leather Boots & Pink Christmas Trees

Ahhh the weekend. How I love the weekend. Yet, doesn't it always seem too short? This Saturday I had to make a mad dash for NFCU and no I didn't make it :(

Then it was off to Chicken Dijon with my sister. I love their house chicken salad. The only problem was that there was soo many people there. At first we thougth we were going to have to leave and go some place else because there was no where to sit but then these 2 tables opened up that were pushed together to form one table. As we were ordering, this couple walks in sees the tables and the lady just makes this big show of putting her bag over both of the tables. That really b0thered me. I mean could you be any ruder. So Pam and I moved the tables apart and made a big show of it. So we sat there for awhile until an even better table opened up and then we moved there.

Next was Barnes and Nobles, because... well... it was right next door to Chicken Dijon and you never need a reason to go to B&N. There was this Book Fair going on for the kids at some local school and that got me thinking about book fairs from when I was a kid. I mean seriously, wasn't book fairs like in some blocked off corridor or in the lunchroom? All that we had were the books that Scholastic brought over and those were the same books that were listed in that monthly book order flier the teachers would give out. There were no rows and rows of books from some bookstore for us to choose from. Not to mention that we didn't have ipods and cell phones but I digress.

The rest of the day was spent at various stores window shopping and looking for clothes. I did manage to get a couple of pants that would be great for work, including a pair with sailor buttons that I loved ( and that I am wearing today) YAY to me for all that walking/running because I can see its paying off :) I also got a pair of boots that I love, and as both my sister and Johanna pointed out, a great fitting pair of boots are hard to find.

Yesterday, was Sunday and as always there was church. After church Pam and I went to get a few things for the apartment. Here was something that I saw that I thought was sooooo cute:

Can you believe it??? It's Hello Kitty Barbie!

I tell you kids have it made these days!!!(I feel old)

I know... I can be soooo Asian some times.

Then off to look for some Christmas things including a tree. I have lived away from home for about 5 years and I have never had a Christmas tree at the apartments that I lived in. I have always wanted one but I never had one. This year I was determined to get a Christmas Tree. We went to Target and I found a 4 1/2 foot tree that would have been great. After all I didn't need a HUGE tree or anything like that.

The tree was $54.99>>>>>>>>>:O

I was not about to pay $55 for a fake 4 1/2ft tree. That's ridiculous.

So we went to another store and I found a very well priced Christmas tree that was 6ft tall.

However, it was very unique.

After talking about it for awhile, we decided to get the tree.

Yes, it's a pink Christmas Tree.

At first I was really hesitant about the idea of a pink Christmas tree. I mean I love pink But I wasn't sure I wanted a pink Christmas tree. Apparently there were many others who thought this was a great idea as this was the last tree left. So we got it too. And I have to admit, the more I look at it the more I like it. As I said before its unique. My ex was like : "was it for breast cancer?"

Then it was home to meet Oscar whose mom made hundreds of tamales and was super nice to send some to me. :) (Thanks Oscar's mom) While eating tamales we talked about culture and food and where to put our Barbie Christmas tree. Oscar brought some of this warm drink over that was made of Milk and pineapples. Sorry dude, I could not bring myself to try that.

Afterwards it was back to Big Lots again. This time we each bought a small heater. I went all out and spent $3 more to get a ceramic heater. We did alot of shopping!!! However, the damage to my bank account wasn't too severe. That heater was definitely worth it. According to The Weather Channel it was 46F last night in Long Beach and I woke up at 3am feeling hot!

So that was my weekend!! I'll close out this entry with a picture sent to me from Margi of her 3 1/2 week old son.

Isn't he cute????

Enjoy your Monday!! Feel free to leave comments.


Friday, December 7, 2007

Our Christmas But Not Your Christmas

Here I am at work, filing and prepping ads for the artists when I start to hear a weather report over the loudspeaker. I even asked my coworker if I was hearing things and she told me she heard it as well. After some time Christmas music starts to play. Steve, one of the artists, told me that the Christmas music will play until Christmas. That kind of bothered me because I was told that I cannot put up any type of Christmas decoorations because that it was not politically correct, but the company can play Chrismas music for the next 4 weeks.

Don't get me wrong. I actually like the Christmas music. Its really kind of cheery at this time of year. So to help me get into the Christmas mood I had Steve make me a Christmas tree to put up in my work area. If anyone complains then I will be more than happy to also put up a Menorah, but I refuse to put up a Kinara. Because Dr. Karenga's intentions behind the "African American Holiday" goes against my beliefs. However, thats another blog for another day.

This Christmas is like alot of other Christmas past. It just seems like the magic of the season isn't like the way it use to be. I started thinking about this as Kat had told me that once again she feels down as she usally does this time of year. She talked of how she missed the Christmas of her childhood, so full of wonder and excitement. The more I think about it the more I wonder about this phenomenon. The loss of the magic and I wonder if maybe its our own faults.

As children everything excited us. Children could do so much with a cardboard box, so when theres a holiday with lights and songs and all that sparkle would be awesome. Not to mention the role that adults would play in pushing the holidays. Encouraging children to write letters to Santa. Now its up to us. We have to put the effort into finding ways to make the season meanignful to ourselves. Some people don't figure that out until they have their own kids and its time they made the effort for their kids. However, at this stage for myself and most of my friends we have to make this season about something for ourselves. Between work and school and trying to figure things out, ew leave really little time to think about the season.

And there is the religious aspect of it. Those who know me would ask, what about your faith? I think even that gets taken for granted, and I'm talking about myself as well. Sometimes its so wasy to reflect on a nativity, but then quickly forget as I walk away. Theres alot for me to think about. This is only the beginning.

Back to work. I have to prep some ads and Jeff is bugging for a letter or something.



Side Note: My boss's boss complained about the music so there is no more Christmas music. He looks like a Scrooge.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Don't worry. I'm not going to go go through everything that has happened since my last blog. Mostly just from last week.

Saturday was another day in SD. Taking care of things for my parents, and did a little pre-holiday shopping which means that I bought absolutely nothing. Paycheck this week went to rent and all those little things.

Sunday I left SD and came back to Long Beach. Sleep is always nice.

Monday I went to work as usual and the craziness ensues as I continue the transition from Excel spreadsheets to a new online billing program that we are using. I know thats just loads of fun for the taking. I also went out to dinner with Alf and Oscar. We went to Seafood Port which I haven't been too in awhile. So after the Hong Kong Style House Special Chow Mein and the Salt and Pepper Fish it was back home with a pit stop at Big Lots to buy this blanket I have been dreaming of. Yes, I know. Kinda lame to be dreaming of a blanket but if you saw it you would be dreaming of it too.

One great thing about Monday is that I was able to talk to my friend Kindra once again. It has been years since I had heard from my sister in Christ. Shes still in Nashville but when she comes back to Long Beach then we have to get together and catch up.

Speaking of people I have to catch up with...

There was an instance from dinner that bugged me, but that will have to go into the blurty blog. Never know whose reading this thing.

Tuesday: I went to Target after work. Bought some great things, spent more money than I needed. I also went and got part of Johanna's goodie bag and Amanda's package. Possible puppy search on Sat? Ahhhhh! I'm suppose to be going to Disney. We'll see how that works.

Wednesday I tried to take care of somethings for my parents here. The person I had to talk to was so freaking rude that I was left in this melodramatic state for the rest of the day. I just felt all anxious and blah for the rest of the night. All these things I was planning to do last night (including chat with Amanda sorry dear) but instead I fell asleep.

So thats a recap of my week thus far. Right now I'm really chill because I was able to get alot done here at work. Plus, I just repositioned my computer so I can do things like update my blog and not have to worry about the company VPs walking by and seeing how hard I am working :)
Tonight I am off to church and maybe more reading. Thats all for now.