Friday, May 20, 2011

Girls & Cars

Walking back from lunch and I spot a car and stare.


Me: That is a car.

Friend: Camaros give me such a hard-on.

Keep in mind my friend is female.

Who said a girl cannot appreciate a 1969 Camaro SS 350 ??

I did not take a picture but it looked something like this:

.....only better.


Hawaii, Meet the Authors, Finals & More

Yes, I have been one busy creative person. Travelled to Hawaii which I absolutely loved, finished some finals, ended the semester, went to my first "Meet the Author" event and I'm scheduled to go to another tomorrow.

Pictures are coming. This I am so serious about. So not like the weight loss update that never came into frutition. However, I did take a break from my diet because "Hello, it's Hawaii" I could not go without eating some macadamia nut covered chocolate.

I have been so inspired lately and really trying to stay positive. I started a new short story and plan on having the collection completed before the end of summer. No classes this summer. I could not afford the price tag of $758 per class. As such, I figured this may be God's way of telling me to slow down and take a break. My plan is to get in some heavy reading and writing! I am also hoping to also start gearing up for the GMAT, because I have worked too hard not to be able to work towards my Masters.

Currently reading Rob Bell's Love Wins, Jen Lancaster's If you Were Here, and will also be reading Dean Koontz's What the Night Knows as I will be headed to his discussion and book signing tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weight Loss Update.... Coming Soon

I was doing so well with my regular updates then school came down on me hard. So I am now behind and will update soon. Possibly today. If i finish all these projects I will be officially done with all school assignments for this semester. I would just have to study for finals.

For what it's worth I have lost a net of 3lbs in one week. If it wasn't for the day I gained weight (1) fried chicken without the skin is still fried 2) Just because the sales person said its non-fat does not mean non-fat) If you count the weight I lost to get back on track I have lost a total of 6lbs in one week.

More to come later. Phase 2 should be starting in 2 days.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Not A Weight Loss Entry

Lately all of my posts have been about my attempts at this particular diet. However, there is more to my life right now then just my attempts at weight loss.

I am in the last 2 weeks of school and every day counts. It is officialy the countdown till the end of one of the most difficult semesters of my life. In between work I have been trying to succeed in 5 classes and as the semester ends each class is requiring a lot for me to not only pass but pass with a B or better. There are projects to be completeds, assignments to complete and not to mention all of the tests and finals for which I must prepare.

With all this I am little frazzled to say the least. I feel like there are not enough hours in the day for me to get my work done and live a life. While working out or any other activity, my is filled with regret as I think that I coulde have spent the time studying as oppose to being on the exercise bike.

Sadly, I feel like not many people understand what I am going through and I have to constantly be on the defensive as far as my current state.

Let's just say I will be very happy when these two weeks are over. So much so that I may need another break after Hawaii.