Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mobile Blogging

It works!!

And much better than Tumblr I must say. I really like how I get confirmation that my blog has been posted. At Tumblr you send, then constantly check to make sure that your post is there.

Dear blogger, I have returned :)

~Posted From My Blackjack


I was reading th news online, as I usually do, when I came across an article on about the benefits of walking. The article gave 8 benefits of walking. One reason that stuck in my mind. According to the article, people who walk lose about 25 lbs a year and keep it off. If I lose 25 lbs I would be over the moon.

So I need to start walking again. I was considering getting up at 5:30am and walking b4 work. Then walking again when I get home. That would be a good 10 hours a week. Who knows it might even help me stay awake in the morning.

Tomorrow I will try. Update to follow.

~Posted From My Blackjack

Mobile Blogging

One of the many blogs that I own is at Tumblr. What I love about that site is the way that that I can send posts via my phone. Apparently Blogger has something similar and so I am now testing it out.

I hope this works.


Multimedia message

blogger on the go

What Have I Been Up To Lately?


And lots of it.

Lately, I've been reading alot again. This usually happens when there are things that are going on in my life that I would rather not have going on in my life and so I turn to books as a form of escapism. At the peak I can burn through multiple books a day. Just churning along ignoring whatever the current issue that's bothering me. And so I have decided to bring back See [Phoebe] Jane Read.

I have received complaints bout how the link to my reading review site was down, but I had disabled the blog until I figured out exactly what direction I wanted to go with it. Now I think I'll stick to its simplest form. Reviewing the books I've read and giving my thumbs up and thumbs down. Enjoy.