Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Android Karenina

Another one!

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Some time ago, I had seen a movie for sale at WalMart. The synopsis on the box sounded so interesting that i seriously considered buying the movie till my frugal side kicked in and I put the DVD down. However, I was so hooked I decided to look up a spoiler online and find out what happened. Months later and I found the movie in a local redbox. $1 for a movie sounded alot better than the $7 price on the sticker at WalMart.

Having read the spoiler; I knew the point to the story and was intent on following till the end. What I didn't count on was how important it was that I had rear a spoiler. The plot limped along to the big reveal at the end that felt very anticlimatic as the last Arcangel of light battled the remaing Arc of the fallen.

Had I not read the spoiler I would have had much trouble following this movie to the end. The big reveal was my main motivation for following this shadowy symbolism of good versus evils in a world of dispair. Yet, the reveal was not as exciting as I had imagined. The intent of this movie was great philosophically speaking but there was alot lacking in the execution.

In short, I'm very glad I Redboxed this film. Otherwise, I would have been out $7 along with the 2 hours of my life I lost.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Pin Pricks

I use to love sewing until I no longer had time to work on things like quilts. There was something calming about working on a project and watching it take shape before my eyes. However, there was a downside to sewing. That was pin pricks.

Some people used thimbles whenever they did needlework. This would keep one from accidently hitting their thumb when they were sewing. I was never one for thimbles outside of a game of Monopoly. As such, it would not be unusual for me to get a little careless and before I knew it, I would be stabbed by a needle or a pin.

A prick from a needle is really small. Usually, no blood will fall from a pin prick. But that doesn't take away from the actual pain in the moment. For the most part, the most painful thing about a pin prick is the initally shock of the unexpected. Unless, someone is not to bright and actually sets out to feel the pain of being pole by a needle, there is usually an element of surprise with regards to the little stab. Once that shock is gone the pain subsides...usually.

Those who sew on a regular basis will develop callouses that will act as biological thimbles. I never sewed enough to develop callouses and I never wanted them.

Somethings in life are like pin pricks. They're not really big deals but they hurt in the moment. Go through enough pain and you can develop callouses that will harden you to the pain. However, callouses can harden you to no only pain but keep you from enjoying love.

So, in dealing with pin pricks. Know that although the pain may be a little more than an annoyance, this will subside in a moment.


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Thai Iced Tea


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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Whose the President?

I overheard this little exchange at dinner.

Girl: Why is everybody mad at Bush?

*Blank Stares*

Guy: Bush?

Girl: Oh, I mean Obama....

Yes, Obama is the President. I mean someone could take the time to tell her why people were mad at Bush, but I believe they were into the last 5 minutes of their 15 minute break.


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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Just when I thought I was getting better, my nose kept itching. Then came the runny nose, now the cough. I hate summer colds and this one is not letting go.


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Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Doggie

Nimoy has grown use to his home.

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USA vs England

Our first World Cup game together!


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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Withered Dreams & Peppermint Seams

It's been one of those days from the begining.

One of those horrible days that you think can only get better as the day progresses only for you to find, yes, this day actually can get worse. From a sickness that refuses to let go to accidently calling my boss to parking in the far reaches of another building's parking lot, this day has left alot to be desired.

What makes today even worse is the fact that I'm already dealing with so many other things. What may seem like a little insignificant thing to one, for me looks like a mountain.

And I have to admit that I am getting tired.

Sometimes I just wish people understand me. Maybe not all people, but some people. Or atleast one person or two. Who will look me in the eye and say "I get you. It will be ok. "

Instead, I'm the one who has to make the effort. Always has to make the effort. Always has to makes ammends. Always has to bite my tongue.

I can't be like this forever.

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Not Quite 100%

I really thought I would get to work early today, but apparently I'm still kind of sick :(

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Dinner time and I did not want any type of fast food. That really limits your choices when it's almost 10 on a Wednesday night. Originally we thought of doing Islands but we found they closed at 10 so we settled for Fridays.

Fridays has this 3 course for $20 special that we always wanted to try, but we usually got swept away by the lobster tails (obviously not included in the discounted special) but today didn't feel like a lobster day. We made our selections and just as the waiter walked away, he returned with another waitress. Apparently, Kevin (our waiter) was about to take his 30 minute break and this waitress was going to cover for him. After introductions were made, Kevin and the waitress move to the next table for another round of introductions.

That was the last time I saw that waitress.

Until she came by to apologize 30 minutes later that she had gotten confused about what tables she had to cover even though she did remember being intoduced to us. I then asked for some refills. She responded with "Kevin, is back from break but I'll go ahead and ring that up."

When Kevin came by the table I asked for our refills again and forbour dessert. Atleast the dessert was yummy.

Then came time for the check. I took the bill and drew a line through the tip. Along with a note that explained why I tipped the way I did.


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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

An App For Blogging

So, I found an app for blogging. This is a test of that app.

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Blogger App

One of my biggest gripes is something that I find very hard to
believe. To this day, I have yet to find an adequate blogging app. Now
maybe I'm looking in the wong place but the last time I did a search
of Apple's App store, I did not find an app that will allow me to push
through a blog entry to Blogger. The Google app does not even have a
link to Blogger.

It may seem like such a minor thing to be annoyed with, especially
when I'm already blogging from my email. However, whenever I blog from
my phone, the formating ends up weird. At this time I attempting to
use HTML coding. I'm just hoping my entry doesn't end up with a bunch
of brackets.

The curse of technology.

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***there were brackets everywhere. I had to login and fix it. I need a blogger app.***