Friday, March 21, 2008

See [Phoebe] Jane Read !

Some catch-up is in order, but that will have to wait. Since the last time I posted here I have been pretty sick and pretty busy. The recap post will have to come later if at all because I really am not in the mood to reminisce about what has happened in the past couple of months. Besides its would not make for the most interesting read anyways.

Right now work is pretty slow. The Outlook server has been down and so no emails are able to be sent out or received. Some people have plenty of downtime and they spend it online or staring into space. Others (esp. the bosses) are spending the time wandering around the cubicles just spying on the employees. Thrilling.

Today I set up a new blog. It's called See [Phoebe] Jane Read (You can click on the name to get to the blog) The blog will just be my thumbs up and/or thumbs down on the things I read. I read whatever seems interesting or whatever I feel like reading. I will not be following Oprah's Book Club Book of the Month or even the best sellers list. It all just depends on recommendations from friends and whatever I find on a book shopping spree. So if you have any suggestions or want to see what I'm reading, head on over there:

However, the regular in and outs of my life will be still written here for your viewing pleasure.