Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Up, Up and Away

I could not believe how many months it has been since I posted an entry. Then I saw all the drafts that I had left unfinished. Pieces that I wanted to share, then had second thoughts on whether or not it would be beneficial for me to publicize those particular thoughts and emotions.

However, that is neither here nor there.

Right now I am soaring through the skies en route to Denver. A work event that I am not particularly looking forward to but I am trying to make the most of this situation. Left a day earlier than most of my coworkers to meet a friend from long ago with whom I have only recently reconnected. I packed my carry-on with my nook, iPad, laptop, iPod; the "essentials," prepared to lean back and relax during the flight. Yet, my mind won't rest and so, I fired up the laptop, paid the $5 wifi fee and logged into my blog.

Thus far the flight has been rather smooth, with the exception of the kid in front of me. His constant jumping up and down is causing my tray to sway, which worries me as I eye the coffee sitting inches away from my keyboard. Also, I busted my finger pretty badly yesterday and am finding it extremely difficult (and occasionally painful) to type. Still, I am determined to bang out this entry. Out the window, I notice the slipping away of the dawn. Flying from CA to CO means I am headed away from the sun. My face froze when the pilot said it was currently 44 degrees in Denver.  At least I am prepared to layer some clothing.

I am pretty sure this post seems to be a pretty mundane description thus far. I mean all I have written about are random observations of an otherwise normal flight. (The boy stopped jumping and judging by the reflection in the window, his parents have him watching cartoons on an iPad. I swear kids are extremely lucky these days)

Right now all I keep thinking about is how I love to travel and have always wanted to find a way to make traveling a part of my career. My friend Cindy said that when she learned the phrase "wanderlust" all she could think of was me. That pretty much summarizes it. I started traveling as an infant, leaving my birthplace of the Philippines for the states. Since that time I have travelled to various cities, states, countries each time I come to stay in a place for too long I get that feeling again. Time to move on to new things, see new sights experience new adventures.

It has already been too long.

Now is the time for me to make moves. For me to make plans and set the stage for the next journey I will be taking in my life. Sure sacrifices will be made, but in the end I know it will be worth it. I refuse to forever be tied to a desk job that I don't like. To continue working my fingers to the bone in order to help assist someone in their dream job.

Everyone keeps telling me the economy is bad and things are not great for everyone. That I should feel blessed to be able to even have a job and a steady income. This is true and I will never end my thankfulness over knowing every two weeks I will have a check deposited into my bank account. However, I am taking a stand and refusing to settle. This is why I m growing my photograph, writing more, reading more, and studying for the GMAT and LSAT. There may not be any open doors for me, so guess what ? I may just have to build myself a house and open my own door.

1 1/2 year ago, I considered getting into photography and I know have an online portfolio. A year ago, I was stressing over classes, I have since walked across that graduation stage. 6 months ago I could not run for more than 20 minutes. Now I have two 5Ks under my belt. All this to say, I know that I am capable of setting goals and accomplishing them. I dream big, work hard and know that it will only be a matter of time before I can say that I am doing the work that I love.

Stay tuned...


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