Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday #AmWriting

"I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!"

This morning I woke up feeling like I had forgotten something. It nagged me as I got ready for work and my drive into the office. Once I sat down, I knew exactly what I had forgotten!

Today is the (block)blog party for #AmWriting


Several months ago whilst scrolling through Twitter one writer that I follow (@Quotes4Writers) had posted some hashtags to use so that one may find other writers. One of those hashtags was #AmWriting. I thought this was a good hashtag to click. Little did I know that this was more than just a trending topic. This was the white rabbit to a world of other writers.

That day, I began to follow other writers and it has been inspiring to see individuals who like me have to work to balance writing and "corporate" life. There are writers who have gone beyond me and published works, and others in various levels of their writing careers.

Today marks the two year anniversary (or birthday if you will) of the #amwriting community and I am extremely grateful for this wonderful group of individuals. Writing can be seen as a solitary life and for the social butterfly that I am, it is good to have a group of people undergoing siomilar creative metamorphosis by choice.

For an example of another writer, check out Mike St and his blog party entry. Many more writers can be found at #AmWriting!!

UPDATED: I also wanted to link to Elizabeth's blog just to keep the blog party bus rolling!


Anonymous said...

I've loved seeing all the different kinds of writers who come together under the banner! It's really great that the community is not specific to one form or one genre (intentionally or not that happens fairly often with genre writing!), just a bunch of people with a common passion.

Mike of Many said...

And many returns to you!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for linking to my post, Phoebe Jane. I'm trying to do the same on my blog, to keep the party rolling!

Johanna Harness said...

"The white rabbit to a world of other writers" <-- Love that! Thanks so much for this.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post!!! -osc